Where Should I Brunch?

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I get asked a lot of questions and the answers are usually expected to come in a list of recommendations for certain things. I feel the most frequent is “where is a good place to go for brunch?”. I usually give the regular/basic answers because my name is in fact Angelica and not Google or Yelp. Tee hee…..kidding…..kinda. But anywho, I had the opportunity to check out the Fall Brunch Menu at Loft & Cellar with the talented, Chef Greg Collier. Brunch takes place every Saturday & Sunday from 10AM-3PM. Price is $25 and this includes 3 courses. An appetizer, main course, and a dessert. For the lushes, mimosas are available as well for $2 for the regular or $5 for a large. Take a look below at the menu and a few of the items I was able to try.

The Pan Dame is citrus scented french toast with white chocolate whipped cream (yum), toasted almonds, and topped with a jalapeno syrup (or you can have it on the side). This dish comes with the option of a breakfast meat.
My thoughts: Loved the french toast with the whipped cream! The syrup wasn’t my favorite BUT I am not a fan of jalapeno peppers. I will say that the flavor of the pepper was not overbearing, so if you enjoy jalapenos, you will enjoy this dish.

The Lamb Burger. *Oprah’s voice* I. LOVE. LAMB! I really do and I loved this burger. It is topped with a peanut ketchup so if you’re allergic, it might be wise to opt for regular ketchup. The greenery is arugula and this is paired with a cucumber salad.

The Hot Chicken Biscuit is a buttermilk biscuit topped with chef’s version of the Nashville Hot Chicken, poached eggs, herb hollandaise, and zucchini pickles.
My thoughts: Delicious but HOT! When I say hot, I mean spicy! The other items help ease the sting of the chicken, however, it comes back to you in the aftertaste. BUT….still very flavorful. If you can stand the heat, then go right ahead and step into this kitchen.

A southern favorite, Fish & Grits. The base of this dish is Guinea Flint Grits, topped with salmon cakes, scrambled eggs and herbs.
My thoughts: Chef Greg Collier is giving Midnight Diner a run for their money with these grits! Then, he had the audacity to pair them with the delicious salmon cakes. The nerve! Lol. On a serious note…just go try it!

The “Go-To”. Here you have the grits with cheddar cheese, eggs, and cocoa biscuits with apple butter. You can already see that I love the grits, it would be pretty hard to mess up eggs and these cocoa biscuits fresh out of the oven are pretty good as well.

Here are a couple of items I didn’t have a chance to try but looked pretty good:

The Southern Shorty is fried egg on top of short rib hash. The egg is topped with carrot chow chow and winter green pesto is provided on the side. Then there’s the Loft Omelette. This is filled with salmon, crab, arugula, goat cheese, and romesco.

Check out the video below where you will also see the Red Eye Special. This dish includes toasted brioche, country ham, sunny side up eggs with coffee gravy and herbs. Also, there was Grandma’s Hands….which was my favorite. This dish includes sweet potato pancakes, apple caramel, curry whipped cream(LOVED THIS) and comes with an option of a breakfast meat. Also below is the full menu. Happy Brunching!

Loft & Cellar
305 W. 4th Street
IG: loftandcellar.clt
Chef Greg IG: chefgregcolliertn

Let me know what you think!

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