Trap Karaoke!

Man…..what can I say besides…..

The energy in The Underground was…..crazy. From the time I walked in the room the hype was definitely present. DJ Austin Millz deserves an award for the playlist and the different mix-ins (minus the Melodies From Heaven drop….I still feel like such a heathen). LOL

My introverted side kicked in for this event so I did not perform but every single participant was on point. Especially the couple who did their thing with Method Man’s “You’re All I Need”. I think someone near me started chopping onions at that point. (But let’s keep that on the hush peeps) I mean, Black Love is just so beautiful!

Word on the streets and innawebs is that they’ll be back soon. Be on the lookout Charlotte! Folks were searching for tickets to this event like crackheads in search of the next fix…… time, buy your tickets early! Can’t procrastinate for every single thing!

Until next time….see you guys at the next event  😉


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