The Mamizi Women’s Conference (In Partnership With WalMart)

Hello everyone!

I am back with another event review but this time, it is extra special. I was afforded the opportunity to attend the Mamizi Women’s Conference and partner with WalMart (yes WALMART) to give you guys the inside scoop! I met Michelle Belaire (Senior Director of Community Relations for WalMart) and learned what they are doing to make Walmart a much better environment for their employees plus so much more. She welcomed me and my blogger friends with such open arms. The energy from Michelle as well as the entire WalMart and Pride PR team was infectious. They made being up and on the go at 8:30 on a Saturday morning pretty easy. Lol.

Now….to the good stuff…

We all know WalMart as one of the largest retailers that specialize in providing amazing low prices to consumers everyday. However, at the conference, I learned they are way more than that. They are INNOVATORS. WalMart is investing $2.7 Billion dollars into tech and training for their associates. That is LOVE! The retailer will be using Virtual Reality in efforts to help their associates experience shopping from a customer’s point of view. There will be scenarios with examples of the difficult situations they may face from day to day and provide accurate training on how to handle with ease. This will not only improve the shopping experience for consumers, but will decrease stress in the workplace as well. You will never guess where the inspiration came from…FOOTBALL! How about that? An associate saw the University of Arkansas players using VR during their team practice. It has to be an amazing feeling to have an idea brought to the table and your organization not only listened but invested!

Reading about it wasn’t enough for you guys, huh? I know, I know. That’s why I have included the video below for your viewing pleasure. I’m just that thoughtful. Lol.

Michelle also informed us how WalMart is using tech to take grocery delivery up a few notches. They are currently testing a self-driving car to bring home your groceries! Imagine being on the highway and a car passes you but when you look inside, there is no driver. Lol. I love it and cannot wait to see this feature executed. The future is not only female but it is tech and WalMart will not be left behind. *3 snaps in a Z formation for WalMart*

Michelle also left us with something that has been stuck in my head since the conference. She encouraged all of the women in the room to always: Be Curious. Be Bold. Be Your Authentic Self. Use this when creating your blueprint (which is what Mamizi means in Swahili by the way) for building and growing your way to success.

Thank you so much to WalMart and Nepherterra for the invitation and the hospitality!

Check out some footage from the day below!


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