The Extroverted Introvert

I have decided to let everyone in on a little secret about me for my first article….

*whispers* come here…

I’m not really a social person. Crazy right!?

I have a very limited amount of “extrovert time” before I am ready to crawl back into my shell. Seriously! There is a select group of people I am comfortable enough around to hold extended conversations. Everyone else, there is the awkward “hi” followed by “how are you?” followed by an awkward pause which will probably end in me just walking away. Lol. It’s not personal and I hate it so much. I usually try to force the social side because certain goals will never get reached without connecting with people already in those areas/industries/fields/etc. My dreams are more important than my comfort levels at this point.

I know I cannot be alone here. You want to be out and then when you’re out, you can only stand the sight of people for a limited time.  Next thing you know, you find yourself in a corner like…

How do I get out of here without being noticed?

You know how hard that is for a 6ft tall woman?? LOL

Whew…*exhales*. Now that the secret’s out, I feel much better. I’m just a recovering shy kid who has been “fake social” outchea and it catches up with me from time to time. Lol. I’m going to work on fixing this guys. I promise. Until then, don’t fault me for my awkward moments or leaving your events early or whatever I do that looks “weird”.

Love you all…..mean it.

The extroverted introvert

10 Replies to “The Extroverted Introvert”

  1. Congrats on the launch. Oddly enough I feel the same way most times, so i can definitely relate, but it’s in challenging ourselves to step outside if our bubbles that we grow and change. Again, congrats on the site, looking forward to seeing how great it grows to be! #Subscriber

  2. Love it!! I can so relate to this. I went to a WCW event alone and literally left becaue I felt so uncomfortable, even though I was surrounded by people I’ve been around several times. I felt so awkward after the initial hellos lol I felt like I was about to suffocate!! #socialanxiety…maybe

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