The Blk Tea – Durham, NC

I am at a place where I am interested in seeing how events are curated in other cities. So, when I received the press release for The Blk Tea, hosted by The Blk Agency in Durham, I did not hestitate to register as media for the event. I’ve had eyes on The Blk Tea since their inaugural event last year when I saw photos on my timeline from someone who attended the event. It looked so sophisticated, elegant, and most importantly…DOPE. I was a little jealous that I did not know about it sooner. However, this year, I received my chance.

The Venue
The party was held at The Golden Belt Campus. A pretty cool art space near Downtown Durham. The original plan was to host the event outside on their front lawn but Mother Nature decided to pour down from the heavens putting a stop to that. That actually turned out to be okay because the organizers had a plan B, to host the event inside of the museum. Guests were able to take a tour and check out the art as part of their ticket price. One thing that was pretty cool to me, the venue has studios that artist can rent as their own space to create. I’m not sure if this is offered elsewhere, but I felt that was really cool. Most artists who weren’t there on that day, left their window uncovered so we could see their work. There were some artists working on a few things that day and it was pretty nice to speak to them about their style of art and things they are working on. Enough about the art, let’s dive into the setup for the event. When I first arrived, I did a walk-through to check out everything offered for the evening. The front room was the designated General Admission area. This is also where the vendors were located which included a masseuse/pedicurist, a coffee owned business, treats and much more. The DJ and the band was set up in this area as well. Moving to the next room, was the area set up for VIP guests. This is where their food was set up as well as more vendors and the entrance into the art gallery.


I really enjoyed the vibes. Being surrounded with Black Excellence is always the best feeling. From the vendors to the organizers to the crowd. The room was filled with so much positive energy. There were some awesome vendors as well. From sweet treats to homemade coffee to my personal favorite, homemade candles created after a few Black classic movies. I’m talking Boomerang, Purple Rain, Harlem Nights and more. These candles were wrapped with custom art inspired from these movies as well. Dope right?!

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