“Why Are You Standing There Looking Mean? Smile Pretty Lady”

*Insert Deep Sigh*

Fellas….how are you? Good? That’s great. Now, have a seat right here ->

and let me explain why women hate for you to tell us to smile….and why that is the wrong approach.

First, we do not have to if we do not want to. Just because we aren’t showing all 32 all the time, doesn’t mean we’re upset. I’m not sure what makes you all think we have to be all giggly all day. If you want to say something to us, a simple “hello” will work just fine. Telling a woman to smile will probably make her do the complete opposite. Next thing you know; you’re telling her she has an attitude which will in fact cause her to have an attitude. Lol

Next, if she’s anything like me, she might be thinking about something serious/important. I live inside of my head because I have so many things going on/coming up. Therefore, even though I may be out and about, I’m not really out and about (if you catch my drift). It’s honestly just a habit. I said all of that to say, 8 times out of 10 I have what I call my “thinking face” on. It looks like I’m frowning but I don’t mean to and I’m not sure how to stop doing that so FORGIVE ME! I’m not upset, I’m thinking! However, when a guy walks up and interrupts my train of thought with a “Smile” or “Why are you looking so mean?”, I get a little upset. If you want my attention, just say…..well, I think you know.

Now, if she’s not thinking, she might be looking at you crazy because you’re staring her down. I’m not sure if you guys do this on purpose or you don’t realize it; but…men….you’re always GAWKING at us. You will go from face to boobs to (what I assume) hips to booty once she walks past. Then, you expect us to smile at you when it appears you’re undressing us with your eyes. The only women who’d be happy in that type of situation are street walkers or…..hoes. *Kanye shrug* Me, personally, I can NOT stand when a guy (or anyone really) just stares at me without speaking. This really grinds my gears! I know that sexy dress that’s hugging her curves just right may have you semi-drooling….but sir, relax.

Women have enough to focus on. We have to work, work out, drink water, be nice, be skinny and curvy at the same time, not kill y’all, push out your big headed kids, get skinny again after each birth, cook, clean, take care of you when you get sick and you still want us to smile at every single moment? We are tired! Lol!

I hope this helps you guys. The next time you’re out at your favorite bar and see a young lady and it appears that she’s upset, don’t tell her to smile. You never know what someone could be going through and honestly, she could just be having a bad day. Maybe you could try to be a little more creative and find something to say that would make her smile genuinely.

Ladies, if I missed anything, hit me up and let me know.



3 Replies to ““Why Are You Standing There Looking Mean? Smile Pretty Lady””

  1. I can’t tell you how much I hate it !! That’s why I hate going to the gas station, car wash…. hell even the parking lot at wal-mart ! I don’t know what human being walks around smiling all the time … sounds like a creeper to me! 😂😂

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