Shorties By Nature: 5 Ways Short Men Should Not Approach Tall Women

Hello readers. How are you all today? Doing great? That is wonderful.

I am going to ask the single, short men to report to the front of the congregation for a brief moment.

Now……simmer down. This isn’t going to be what you think.

I am here to let you know that even though there are some Amazons in the world who do not mind dating short men, there are a lot of us who do. We’re not shallow or picky or rude either. It’s a preference. Just like the men who don’t date plus size women or darkskin women or women with short hair. We are not going to date that far outside of our comfort zones to soothe your fragile ego. Rejection is a part of life so deal with it.

Moving on. The way you approach us sometimes is just wrong and I am here to tell you why. I am going to unlock the reasons we respond in a seemingly rude way. Lol.

1. You walk up and ask “I guess I’m too short for you, huh?” Immediately I’m thinking that you lack confidence and I will respond with the honest answer of yes. The reaction is usually something like this:

P.S. don’t ever ask me a question you do not want the answer to. (This really goes for anyone)

2. Short men love to tell tall women that the man God has for us is probably short. Excuse me while I let out a little chuckle…

Listen. You don’t know who God has for me anymore than I do. But I do know that 1) He will NOT let him pass me by and 2) He will always give me the desires of my heart. And what I desire is to be with a man that I can still look in the eyes while I’m standing up straight and head facing forward. [insert Kanye shrug here]

3. Scene: Short guy walks up to tall girl in a loud space. Short guy speaks and since the tall girl cannot hear, she bends down to ask him to repeat. Then the guy will say “you didn’t have to bend down”. Okay. Well how do you expect me to hear you? LOL. There goes that lack of confidence again. What is it? Are you afraid someone is looking and laughing? I mean, would you rather her ask you to stand on your tippy toes? I think not. Maybe we should…..

Kidding….but I need you all to relax Lol

4. Stop challenging us to a 1-on-1 game of basketball! You do realize all I have to do is stand under the goal with my hands raised and just pivot to block all of your shots, right? LOL. Anyway, JUST STOP THIS! However, this is always an option if you need a good ego stroke…

Just saying…

5. Last but not least, my FAVORITE (←——-Sarcasm was inserted right there). Short. Men. Why oh why must you ALWAYS resort to, “we’ll be the same height lying down”??? Arsenio SMALL if you don’t GIT! Please, please, please (I am begging)…PLEASE stop saying this. This is the moment you lose any credibility and any hope of me even engaging in conversation with you. How do you figure we would be interested in sleeping with you, even if you met the height requirements for the ride? Also, with me, I am a very visual person so the first thing that comes to my mind is although we may meet face to face, your toes will be sliding across my knees.

Don’t think that would be sexy at all. *insert another Kanye shrug here*

That’s all I have for you….for now.

Happy Hunting Guys!

4 Replies to “Shorties By Nature: 5 Ways Short Men Should Not Approach Tall Women”

  1. I am a very tall woman 6’4” and will never ditch my heels
    and I am going to be taller than 99.9% of the dudes I come
    in contact will either standing or lying down it’s that simple.
    To all you little shits your remarks aren’t funny and I don’t
    mimic or mock that your height challenged situation.

  2. Saw this blog and find it very informing and in fact being a guy 6’1” in a longtime relationship with a beautiful woman
    who is 6’5” and won’t ‘ditch’ her heels either and I can’t begin to indicate the stares and many times rude comments
    we get and if these idiots don’t think it’s hurtful think again if

    1. People just don’t think before speaking. Smh. I love the fact that she wears her heels anyway!! Please tell her to never stop. I look at the rude comments as that person’s own insecurities. Thank you for reading!

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