I’m going to be single forever…..

I’m just kidding God! That was for click bait! (Had to make that clear because lately I’ve been learning more than ever that He listens to me LOL)

….now…to dive into this post.

With every year of growth, I am beginning to see that rejection may not always be a bad thing. Rejection can be a lifesaver. Preventing pain, heartache, and major headaches when it comes to dating and relationships. It is very easy to feel somewhat insecure if someone decides you are not what they want. HOWEVER, the gag is, they may not be what you NEED. Think about it, take a look at your exes. Think about the relief you felt once you finally got over him or her. I bet they look like completely different people in your eyes.

Like peasants…

On a less petty note…rejection can also teach you a few things about yourself. You might not be as perfect as you think. It’s possible that whoever you were dealing with decided to leave because you were too aggressive or you’re confrontational and disguising it as “keeping it real” or “just speaking your mind”. Maybe it was the opposite and you were too passive and lacked effort. Who knows?

I’m using “you” a lot but you can bet your last dollar that I am speaking to myself as well. Take the time and pay attention to the lesson in every failed relationship. It will help when the time comes to move on to the next. Remember, that rejection could truly be your blessing in disguise. Whether it taught you something about yourself to help you grow or just saved you from the bum of the century.

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