Nick Grant: Legend In The Making

Yes, that is what I said. Don’t think so? Well, #letsargue

I know, I know….the word “legend” is misused in these days but if you’ve heard Nick’s music, you would have no choice but to agree. Nas knows and included Nick on the Powernomics Tour along with Lauryn Hill. Andre 3000 knows and gave him a bow. Talib Kweli also knows…..I mean….there is no need to name another legend who’s paying attention and acknowledged the greatness of this amazing lyricist. I have to say lyricist instead of rapper because in these days we see anyone can lay down words on a hot track and be considered a rapper. It’s just that in this new world of mumble rap, you have to appreciate and celebrate real music. If his sharp wordplay, clever punchlines, and humble with a hint of cocky personality cannot convince you to become a fan, I cannot respect your taste in music. Do not debate me, debate your mother. 

Saturday, September 23rd, I had to the opportunity to interview this amazingly talented, humble artist along with my girl Zabrina of the Charlotte In Crowd. Nick was a headliner at the Beats ‘N Bars Fest in Durham, NC. Beats ‘N Bars is a platform for hip hop artists to showcase their talent and producers had the chance to do the same. Hopefully, connections were made to create even more great music for next year’s festival or just whenever actually.

Click the video below to see the full interview. I hope you enjoy!

Let me know what you think!

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