Is Going To The Club “Played Out” Among Young Professionals?

Hello folks.

September 2016, I began writing weekly listicles for Each week, 10 events are featured as the top things to do in Charlotte for black, young professionals. Since I’ve had this gig, I often hear people say to me how they love the site because do not like going to clubs anymore. It has me thinking….is “clubbing” a fad that is now over among the nine-to-fivers?

Most of the people in my crew typically go to kickbacks, hookah lounges, or just chill at a bar. There are a few who travel often as well so it could be a priorities thing. Maybe the new millennials (as we’re called) would rather spend coins on flights versus overpriced club drinks.

I’m not sure about most cities but the party scene in Charlotte is sort of….blah. This is not because the music is bad or the promoters don’t know what they are doing. It is because the crowd just…..stands there….holding up the walls…..looking in their phones. Tickets are typically $10-$20 and all the Charlotteans want to do is stand and look pretty. Could this be the reason people are not interested in the club scene? They don’t want to spend money to watch a room full of “party-goers” not party? If they aren’t on the floor standing around, they’re in the VIP section (that they did not pay for) looking down at the crowd as if they’re peasants.

What is it? Do you think it’s because as we get older priorities change? Or are people taking “bad and bougee in the most literal sense? Help me understand. Lol. Leave a comment so we can discuss!

4 Replies to “Is Going To The Club “Played Out” Among Young Professionals?”

  1. I think as you grow become older some things you outgrow but if this is the case they would not be going. I think it depends on the individual. I didn’t like the club scene when I was in my early 20s as I got in my late 20s I loved to be at nice bars, lounges, rooftop events nice music with a nice scene and good. Clubbing didn’t never fit. I still have friends early 30s still club but it doesn’t work for me

    1. I think “dance shaming” plays a part too. Lol. No one wants to be videographed trying to dance with two left feet. I’m kidding. But I’m just like you….lounges are more my speed but with a splash of turn up every now and then. Lol. Thanks for the feedback!

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