Good Things Come To Those Who…..

….get up and work for what they want. Period! Yes, you can wait until it is your time to step into your destiny but do not stop working. To me that “waiting period” is the time to work out your mistakes and “failures” in silence. This way, when your season of blessings arrive, you can move on to flawless victories.

Struggle builds character.

I cannot stress this enough. I speak from experience. Very few people know my true story but I have been through it all. It’s made me a little guarded, I will admit, but my experiences have also taught me how to survive. I have learned how to still push through no matter how I feel when I wake up. There has been so much in the past year or so that it even surprises me sometimes but I am nowhere near where I want to be. That is what keeps me motivated. I feel as if people see me via social media or while out and may think I am having the time of my life. No one knows about the sleepless nights which may or may not involve tears which lead to days of fatigue. I work so hard because honestly, I do not feel like my time has come. When it gets here though, I want to be ready. That has to be where the bit of energy I do have comes from becomes sometimes I wonder how it all gets done myself.

There are so many who live by “good things come to those who wait”. Me personally, I live by “Faith without works is dead”. You can hope for it all you want but do you deserve it? Or more importantly, can you handle whatever you are wishing for? Get up…stop being lazy…do the work….reap the rewards. *Mama Dee voice* And in that order!

At this point, I honestly feel that if I give up, I will disrespect everyone who believes in me. It’s like a slap in the face when someone spends their time, energy and/or money to support you and you decide to just bow out. I am not sure I would be able to face the world if that happened. I guess this is what comes with putting yourself out there.

I didn’t create this blog because it’s currently the cool thing to do. This is meant to be a release…a place of vulnerability and somewhat of a safe haven. There is a plan for all of this but until it is time to reveal, I will continue writing. Anyone who knows me personally knows this isn’t my norm. I am very private but I realize for me, that can lead to destructive behaviors. (I’ll tell you about that one day………..maybe)

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