Dru Hill 20th Anniversary All-White Affair

First, I would like to say thank you to the guys of V(5) Lions Entertainment for inviting me. I truly enjoyed myself. Dru Hill did not miss a beat on vocals, dance moves or anything else. Even the new member blended in perfectly with the rest of the group. Hopefully Woody is somewhere proud to see such a worthy replacement. Lol.

Now….for more details.

The opening act for the show was Mr. Bobby Valentino. I will be honest and admit that I was wondering if he had many songs to perform. Man, was I wrong! Bobby V had hits! Yes I said HITS! I know those who missed the concert may not believe me so #LetsArgue. Slow Down, Anonymous, Tell Me, Turn The Page, Beep beep beep beep beep….and don’t act like you weren’t rocking with him on the “Wee Oh Wee Oh Wee” in Mrs. Officer with Lil Wayne. Give the man his respect. However, he should stick to singing and leave dancing to those with rhythm. His vocals were on point. Overall, he did a good job minus the fact he felt the need to address his recent…..uhhh….situation in the tabloids. He wanted everyone to know he’s still here for the single ladies….contrary to popular belief. Lol. I will leave that right there.

On to the main event.

Dru Hill really did a spectacular job. I will start with the new guy, Tao. He is really a nice addition to the group. He sounded good, danced well, and definitely looked good as well. Jazz…..oh Jazz. His voice was still as strong as ever. The way he pulled those notes from the bottom of his soul was breathtaking. Nokio…….he did a good job but his true moment was when each member performed their favorite R&B song. He chose “I Would Die 4 U” by Prince and I truly believe Nokio felt his spirit. He even dropped to the floor and hit The Worm on us. I wasn’t ready! Last but surely not least, Mr. Unleash The Dragon, Sisqo definitely put on a show. I mean, who would expect anything less? He showed us that he still has all the moves, the platinum hair and definitely still has the vocals. There were no disappointments so if you missed this show, you should be ashamed of yourself.

You can see what I mean below:

Pictures from Shauna Sharice Photography, iVision Photos, Charlotte In Crowd, and AuNaturale Photo respectively.

Erbane TV-Behind the scenes footage of Bobby V

Orion Yorke Media

Charlotte In Crowd

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