Dre-Z: The Party

What’s better than one music legend? Two!

That is exactly what the Sol Kitchen brought to the city on Friday, 8/11.

No, not the actual artists but music from both, curated by DJ CK and the “Mashout King”, DJ Skillz. Hosted by the cool and energetic DRES The BEATnik!

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The room was filled with the professionals of the city and everyone obviously had the same agenda……to just have a good time. The DJs in conjunction with the hosts kept the energy high all night. Every transition created a moment of “ayyyyyye” followed by a hand raise to signal a very key phrase, “That’s my jam!”. Honestly, I have nothing negative to say. Those who know me best know that I keeps it honest. These guys are taking this show on the road so when it hits your city, be in the building!

Get a glimpse of what I mean below:

Until next time Charlotte….see you guys at the next event!

Let me know what you think!

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