Dear Charlotte, I Hate Your Stinkin’ Guts

……ok…..that’s slightly dramatic. I don’t actually hate you. Lol.

Actually, that may be a little more than slightly dramatic……but definitely not completely there.

I just have one question. What is your issue with supporting events in this city? Then you all will turn around and say, there’s nothing to do here. The culture in this city is so confusing. It’s like people stick to going places when you either a) know the promoter/organizer or b) it’s nationally recognized (Grits & Biscuits, Trap Karaoke, etc.). When you travel to places like D.C., Atlanta, NYC, etc., you can probably show up at any event and it will pop. That can happen in Charlotte if people will just get their  behinds out of the house!

Next. I am lowkey annoyed with people coming up to me saying “you’re always out” but you’re the same people who are constantly asking me what is there to do. HOW ELSE WOULD I KNOW IF I’M NOT AT THESE PLACES?! (My apologies. I don’t mean to yell but come oooooon!) There is a reason I go any place I go. You don’t have to know why. In addition, I know how often I leave the crib and don’t need the reminders. Thanks in advance.

What stops you from going to a dope event? You can read the description on I Don’t Do ClubsFacebook, Instagram, and wherever else you find out about events, be interested, and still not show up. I don’t get it. I’ve experienced a lot of cool events in this city simply because if it looks cool, I go. No hesitation and I’m often alone because if I wait for others, I’d never leave the house. (Kidding lol) I’ve also had the chance to meet some really cool, talented, successful and fun people here from doing so. I get labeled an influencer, socialite, social butterfly and whatever else but the truth is, it’s literally my job to know what’s happening and I enjoy doing it. Not really enjoying some of the things that come with it but they’re not outweighing the good right now so I’m going to continue doing what I’m doing.

Bottom line is, I’m just trying to put y’all on. Dassit. Charlotte has enough young professionals here to make this city way more LIT than what it is right now. We get overlooked for Raleigh and other close cities for so many things. Y’all just don’t know! Reason being, Y’ALL DON’T GET OUT AND SUPPORT. These are fax….no printer. I was involved in a conversation recently where a popular artist is supposed to be booked for an upcoming concert here and they’re hesitating. That is just one example but I know about more. Even though I didn’t say a race, it should be understood that I’m speaking to black folks. LOL. All of this “for the culture”, “support black business”, and “wakanda forever” talk apparently comes with conditions.

I’ve been hesitating posting this for quite some time now. Didn’t want to come off as being rude but it’s been haunting me so here it is. Thanks for listening to (reading) my rant.

With all of that being said, I have a couple things to bring to your attention:

Exhibit A: O.U.R. Weekend: For The Culture (3/31 & 4/1)
Exhibit B: The 1st Ever Charlotte Brunch Festival (4/7)

Show up….Show out….Support!

That is all for now. Peace, Love, and Hair Grease Wakandians!

Let me know what you think!

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