Copycats Galore!

I need, I need………I need, I need….

for those who have decided to venture into the world of event/party planning to be more creative. Seriously.

As soon as someone brings something new to the city(and *ahem* school homecomings), 5 more people will jump on the train. Then you will wonder why people stop coming to these said events. Well, it is because we’re tired of going to the same event 5 times! I have to also mention, it’s highly disrespectful to jack all of someone’s ideas and basically host the same event. Have you no shame? You could at least choose a different venue, switch up the concept, add a different flavor, or something?!

Oh…wait…maybe you can’t because you’re too lazy to use your creativity to bring something funky, fresh, and cool with your own atmosphere and experience to your own audience.

That’s cool though. The REAL creatives are always 2 steps ahead with the next idea waiting in the think tank.

You can have the sloppy seconds.

REAL creatives are happy to be the catalyst and inspiration behind your “I just want to do something” goals. Thanks for the push to elevate higher and obtain a level of success many cannot even dream of. Thanks for pushing these brands to new wavelengths while you attempt to play catch up. Are you tired of running yet? You look to be out of breath. Grab a bottle of water on your journey to quench the thirst of wanting to be someone else.

I see this most in the black community. Could it be because that is what I pay more attention to? Maybe. However, to me, this is a part of the “crabs in the barrel” mentality African Americans suffer from. Instead of joining forces to create larger, more dope events, the thought is…”Oh I can do this too but better”.

You may read this and say this isn’t anything I should care about. Well, I do. I also know that I am not alone and am speaking for many in this industry. Yes, imitation is a form of flattery but that does not change the feeling of wanting to move on to something new because now “everyone is doing it”. The feeling of “ugh, this was working well but now it is tainted with duplicates”. I would also like to add that this doesn’t pertain to events only but is an issue that comes with being involved in anything creative. To me, if this is the journey for you, it will be easy to create your own lane instead of riding along someone else’s. Ideas will just….come to you. Or you may need to place yourself in a space to create that spark (quiet bar, library, meeting with others like you to bounce ideas off of, etc). There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

This is something that has been on my mind for so very long. After having a few conversations with some who share these thoughts, I decided to finally write it out and post.

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6 Replies to “Copycats Galore!”

  1. Ha! We have talked about this before. That is correct. Creative people will always move to the next idea and let you have the one you jacked from them. I agree, folks are lazy, no research, and don’t even change it up just a tad. Nope, just do the same!

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