Charlotte Brunch Festival

On Saturday, April 7th, 2018, the Prosocialites hosted the very first Charlotte Brunch Festival.

The #1 question I received was….how did it work?

It was pretty simple:

  • Patrons entered and checked in at the designated table.
  • At this time, they were given a menu card. This card listed all of the vendors and prices of the samples, if there were any. 
  • Patrons were also given a plastic cup with the Brunch Festival Logo and 1 ticket to use at 1 of the 2 vendor tables that sponsored their samples. (If they were a VIP ticketholder, they were directed to a secluded area. This is were they were given a “swag bag” and 2 tickets to use for samples)
  • After that, it was time to enjoy all of the delicious food, shop the really cool vendors and enjoy that amazing entertainment.


I was able to be a part of the volunteer crew aka the “Brunch Squad” so I was able to see everything on the day of from start to finish. I have already told my friends Lorri and Winston how proud I am of them for the flawless execution of such a massive event and I cannot say it enough. A lot of people don’t really understand all of the hard work that happens behind the scenes of planning everyday events. Therefore, they have no idea how much work it took and the sleepless nights that probably occurred to plan this festival. Of course there were minor hiccups seeing as this was the very first one but that only helps next year’s Brunch Festival be even greater (oh yes, another one is coming).


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try everything. (That would’ve made me a true fatty) However, I was walking around observing and everyone looked pretty satisfied. Hands full of food, drinks, and King Pops while holding conversations with their mouths full of food. Lol. Vendors included Fahrenheit, 204 North, The Flying Biscuit, Hubert’s Lemonade and so many more. Good stuff!


Curating the sounds were DJ Fannie Mae and DJ Fudge. They were so dope and they kept the crowd moving. I noticed that when people weren’t in line for food, there were a few who made their own dance floor. There was also a SUPER talented band of high school students called The Sound Syndicate. (Look them up on Instagram @sound.syndicate). They blew everyone away….especially the lead singer. Simply amazing.


This was a great event and just what Charlotte needed because let’s face it….WE ALL LOVE BRUNCH. When Lorri first mentioned the brunch, I knew it was going to take off. The Prosocialites closed with hosting over 600 people! I cannot wait to see the outcome of next year’s Brunch Festival and I hope everyone reading this decides to be in attendance as well.

See a few pictures from the festival below. Head over to Facebook and click like on the Prosocialites page for more.

Credit: Ariel Perry

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