Charlotte Black Restaurant Week

Hello everyone!

I need all of my foodies, aspiring foodies, and pretty much everyone who loves to eat and read about food to report to the front of the congregation.

I was blessed with the opportunity to review a restaurant during the Black Business Owners of Charlotte’s Black Restaurant Week. My choice was The Belle Grille in Matthews, owned by a very nice black couple, Darlene and Matthew. Click -> here <- to check out their menu and specials.

Let’s start with the restaurant itself. The Belle Grille was very clean which is extremely important. The staff was so friendly as well. Darlene was right at the door to greet us as we walked in with a smile and such a pleasant attitude. At that moment is when I knew I made the right choice. We were seated and served right away and began checking out the menu. There were so many great options from Shrimp & Grits to Crabcakes to a Salmon BLT, Chicken and Waffles and much more. Our waitress and Darlene gave a rundown of the menu including the crowd favorites and their specialties, like the homemade lemonade made daily by Matthew that was EV-UH-REE-THING.

Okay…….the food!

For the appetizer, we chose the crabcakes. All Darlene had to say was that they were all crab, no fillers and it was a no brainer! I’m from the Lowcountry of South Carolina so for those that do not know, we do not play about our seafood…..especially crabs. These were the BEST crab cakes I ever had. No joke guys. There are two pictured below because it just so happens they had an extra and the cook decided to bless our lives…normally, the appetizer comes with one. The Lord knew I didn’t want to share so He decided to make ya girl happy. LOL.


My Meal: I chose the red velvet waffles with chicken. First, these weren’t your everyday waffle. Instead of using a normal waffle batter, they use more of a pastry type batter. This gave the waffles more of a cake-like texture which I actually enjoyed. When she explained this to me beforehand, I wasn’t sure how I would feel but decided to try it anyway. Next, the chicken. The waffles were topped with a fried chicken breast which was topped with melted Gorgonzola cheese. That chicken was fried and seasoned to absolute perfection. Delicioso!


My Date’s Meal: He chose the Salmon BLT. He is a VERY picky eater but decided to try something new and he enjoyed it for the most part. The BLT came with sweet potato fries but he decided to substitute those for the truffle fries sans truffle (Basic, I know LOL) so unfortunately I don’t have a review of those but they look really good on the menu. Lol. Since it was his first time trying a salmon burger, he did admit that he wish he would’ve chosen the salmon entree because the salmon was seasoned VERY well. Just wasn’t a fan of it with bread. Lol. But if you know you love salmon, please try this BLT because it looked absolutely delicious. (I did not try any but I did eat his bacon LOL)


All In All: Would I recommend The Belle Grille? Without A Doubt!! Please go check out this establishment ASAP and tell Darlene that I sent you! You won’t get a discount or anything but still….let her know this review was not done in vain! LOL. On a serious note, I really enjoyed my meal and will be back because I have my eye on a few other items on the menu that I need to try. If you need someone to go with you, hit me up!

Thanks you so much to the BBOC for allowing me to be a part of your week. You all are doing such amazing things for the economy in Charlotte and I cannot wait to see how much Charlotte Black Restaurant Week and Black Food Truck Friday grows!!

To keep up with the BBOC, CBRW, and The Belle Grille, see their information below:

Black Business Owners of Charlotte
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Facebook: Black Business Owners Of Charlotte

Charlotte Black Restaurant Week
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Facebook: Charlotte Black Restaurant Week

The Belle Grille
IG: TheBelleGrille
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