Chapter 29 in Barbados!

I am only 26 days in and things are already looking up. So 2018, I am ready for you girl!

This article is technically a recap of my birthday trip (in which I am a little late but forgive me folks).

My celebration of my entry into the world took place on October 1st. I brought in my big day in the BEAUTIFUL country of Barbados. I loved everything about it and I believe everyone should go visit at least once. Here’s why:


The island is only 21 miles long so we were able to see it in its entirety in about 5 hours thanks to the best taxi/tour guide, Danny (Hey Danny!). We were fortunate enough to be given the local deets versus the “touristy” deets. Definitely made me appreciate the island and its culture so much more. One major thing I learned is that Barbados is about 90% black. It was awesome to see that, for the most part, everyone is doing quite well for themselves. Yes for black excellence!

Next up, the beaches. I was able to visit two, Accra Beach and The Boatyard on Adventure Beach. I visited Accra Beach on my actual birthday and had a blast. Once you arrive, if you need chairs and umbrellas, you walk over to the Tiki Bar and pay $15USD to “rent them” but actually you receive it right back in “Tiki Cash”. Tiki Cash is to be used on food and drinks at the bar. When I tell you they had a never-ending list of rum cocktails. My lawd! Can you imagine how long it took 5 women to choose a drink??? The Boatyard on Adventure Beach might have been my favorite out of the two. There you pay $25USD and you’re given $20USD back to use for food and drinks at Sharkey’s Bar. Instead of beach chairs and umbrellas, you have the option of grabbing a nice little cabana and of course that was choice #1. They even had a guy to clean them off for you once too much sand got on your pad. Also, a free boat ride was included to ride out into the ocean and snorkel with the sea turtles. Dopeness!


From what I saw, everyone seemed to just enjoy life. We made a few friends who basically adopted us immediately into their family and took care of us without our asking. You guys are definitely appreciated. Now….ladies…..the Bajan men….. When I say they are FINE…….they are FOINE! (Yes, with the “O”)

Had me out there like…

I’ll stop there because you have to go visit to see for yourself. (psst…..pack one of those water bottle fan thingys) (the thirst will get real) Men…you should already know dem island gals were a bunch of “tick tings”. Real life, cornbread fed, stallions. Lol

Lastly, but most importantly, Food:
One word: Amazing. From the sit down restaurants to their local fast food chain, Chefette. I ate like I’ve been lowkey starving myself for a couple weeks to not look like a hog on a log in my swimsuits. Hehehe. But seriously…the food was good. My personal favorite was (what I’m sure everyone who’s visited has mentioned was their favorite as well) the Oistins Fish Fry. *insert the Johnny Gill “My My My” hook here* The chef is outside cooking everything on this huge grill which added to the already rich flavor in their seasonings. I highly doubt there is a place in the states with fish as fresh as what I had down there.  I’ve had a few people ask about their staple dishes and basically they are: fish of course, macaroni pie, Rotis from Chefette(lol), rice and peas, cou-cou(we didn’t get to try this but everyone talked about it), and potatoes. One thing everyone should know though, if you lack patience, you will be highly annoyed in the Bajan restaurants. EVERYTHING is made to order and wait times are at LEAST 30 minutes but once that plate reaches your table, it is worth it. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Being that I am someone who lives in my head, I usually see a lesson in any of my experiences in life. What I took from this trip is take time to celebrate yourself always. Even in times when you do not feel like it. I did not have a fancy party or an actual celebration, per say, of my birthday but what I experienced from visiting this lovely island was priceless. There was an overwhelming feeling of peace that I brought back with me and will try to hold on to for as long as I can.

Now for a few visuals! Peep the birthday twerk in the final video….HAHA

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