Hello readers!

Thank you so much for stopping by. Blogging has been a goal of mine ever since 2013 but I continued to push it further and further away from my mind over the years. Why? Simple answer….I was acting like a punk! Thinking no one would be interested in reading anything I wrote. Then I thought….maybe I could start it and not publish it. Use it as a personal online journal even. Looking back, I realize that made absolutely no sense because I would have been paying for a domain that would not have been in use.

However, now, I know and realize that everything happens when it is supposed to happen. I am learning to stop trying to force things because I see others doing what I dream to do. Just sit back and wait for the tap on my shoulder from the Lord saying….”Your Turn”.

Anywho, on to what this site will be about and that is…..EVERYTHING. I have never been one who could be boxed into one area. I like to dibble and dap in different avenues to learn a little about everything and they will reflect on this site.

I hope you all enjoy and please don’t be a stranger!